Glucosamine 1500 Super Max

Glucosamine 1500 Super Max

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Glucosamine is produced naturally in the body and is a vital component of cartilage.

It assists in building and maintaining healthy cartilage, which is essential for the healthy function of the joints. Glucosamine plays a role in the body in the formation of the articular cartilage, tendons, ligaments, synovial fluid and bone, therefore helping maintain healthy joint function and providing structural support to the joints.


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that can cause morning stiffness, pain, weakness, inflammation and decreased motion of the joints due to a degeneration of the cartilage within the joints. The incidence of osteoarthritis increases with age and although it is more common in the elderly it is not limited to that age bracket alone.


Provides temporary relief from the pain and swelling associated with arthritis, and assists to improve joint mobility.




  • Carefully manufacture and specifically formulated to provide a therapeutic amount of glucosamine sulfate for the symptomatic relief of osteoarthritis.
  • Glucosamine is necessary in the body for the structure and function of the articular cartilage.
  • May assist in the relief of joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, and inflammation associated with arthritis and increase joint mobility.
  • Helps maintain healthy joint function and provides structural support to the joints.